We supply lavender in bulk to Western Montana communities and companies for use to make value added products that include, oils, cosmetics, cuisine, medicine, soaps, drinks, bouquets, crafts, artwork, and smudge sticks, among other things. You may contact us directly to purchase any of the staple products below.

We grow: Folgate, Buena Vista, Royal Velvet, Grosso, Hidcote Giant, and Grosso Blue.

Wrapped Lavender Bundles $15-20 depending on size

Most of our lavender bundles are 2″ in diameter and vary in length. Dried or Fresh depending on season.

Available locally or by appointment

Lavender Bud $20 Per Bag

Instead of weight, we simply sift and pour our bud and fill a sandwich ziplock bag tight with flower buds.

Available Fresh by appointment during summer months.

Dried bundles available year round until gone.

2″ Diameter Round / Vary in height

Lavender Bouquet

Lavender Bouquet


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Bulk Lavender, Price Varies

Please contact us to inquire about purchasing in bulk for your company.

Potted Lavender, $5 per plant $3 per plant for 10+

Available for pick up by appointment only

Local delivery in bulk, $25 delivery charge